Fairy Tale

August 25, 2010
By girlzrool1992 GOLD, Chittenango, New York
girlzrool1992 GOLD, Chittenango, New York
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Once upon a time we were happy
we saw each other 3 times a week
you cared about me
and smiled when I said your name
but now...
were nothing
and I don't know why
we were in love
once upon a time
like a fairy tale
you were my prince
and you saved me
then it turned to hell
when you said you loved me you lied
you say you still care about me
and we both know that’s a complete lie
if you cared about me
you would make time for me
you would listen
you would stand up for me
you wouldn't make me cry
you wouldn't hurt me
your not sorry or you wouldn't have done it
and fairy tales aren't real
that’s something they should teach you when your little
I'm done
and we all know you are
its okay...
I'm to good for you anyway

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