August 25, 2010
By MissChocolate SILVER, Norwalk, Connecticut
MissChocolate SILVER, Norwalk, Connecticut
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Do I trust some and live in Phoniness, Or do i trust no one and live in loneliness?

I keep chasing you, and you continue to be my lover
You continue to be the guy I fell in love with on that cool summer day
The guy who was attracted to my shyness and wanted a fair chance at us
You weren’t aggressive
You let me be me
It’s funny
I thought I’d never meet a guy like you
Who has big dreams of being with a girl like me
You keep it real most of the time
Times when I need to hear it, but don’t want to
Those eyes
Those eyes have seen probably more than I have, but to the same extent
Those eyes, with the long eye lashes show your sensitive side for my womanhood
I remember that day
I remember when you saw me
I played hard to get, but I wanted you as much as you wanted me
What lied behind your outer shell was a mystery, but the guy I saw before me, was obvious
It was obvious you wanted me
It was crystal clear
I gave you that chance after you passed the test of jumping over my many hurtles
You were worthy
When I look at you today I see the same face, with a different attitude
You mean the world to me as much as I mean the world to you
When you utter those words “I Love You”…I melt
I never thought someone would love me deep enough as you do
I let you into my heart, my body, and my soul
Trusting you
If we stick through this, they’ll be so much more
Just have faith in me baby and hold on
I’ll always be there
Right there beside you
Right there for you to hold, embracing my sweet fragrance
Right there for you to touch, my soft chocolate skin
Right there for you to kiss, my thin gentle lips
I’ll always be right there
Because with a love as strong as ours
With a bond as strong as ours
Why leave?
We are made for each other
Which is why I dedicate all my love to you

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about my boyfriend darius. We've been dating for a long time so I thought he deserved it.

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