Getting over you.

August 16, 2010
By LoveAlways SILVER, Groveport, Ohio
LoveAlways SILVER, Groveport, Ohio
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"Don't think or judge, just listen."
Sarah Dessen

The pieces of my heart is slowly putting itself back together. I just can't wait til I get out of this bad weather.

I'm so sick and tired of feeling the tears running down like rain. Staying strong is something that I have to gain.

I have realized time is the only way how to truely heal all the pain I have felt. I'm getting my life back together, strapped in like a seat belt.

Honestly I believe, no I have faith in myself to get pass this. I am learning from this experience day by day. I know this is something I'm not going to miss.

I have left the last page to turn of this chapter in my life, slowly but surely. Knowing what is ahead of me is prematurely.

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