The Man in My Dreams

August 16, 2010
I vow I shall never close my eyes,
And never sleep,
For in my slumber,
There is a man who haunts my dreams.
I’ve seen him before,
And in fact I was not afraid;
But as the nights wore on,
It seemed he would not fade.
He grew in power,
And overtook my dreams,
So as I slept,
He was all I could see.
This man seemed harmless;
He hardly made a sound;
He made me feel as if I were floating,
And I’d never touch the ground;
But it seems he is not a man at all, but a monster underneath,
Destroying in his path.
My mind became his secret kingdom,
Dreams his true delight and domain;
Soon I became possessed by him,
And I could not escape.

Now I am terrified of the night’s cruel darkness,
For in it a monster dwells;
I vow I shall never sleep again,
To avoid this nightmarish reality;
But now that I am awake,
This man consumes my mind;
He hides in every shadow,
Creeps behind every locked door,
rattling the knobs as he lingers,
waiting to hear me scream and know that he IS real,
and will never stray far.
If only I had closed my eyes,
And succumbed to the uncertain mercies of sleep,
I could have pretended for a little while longer that he is fake,
But now I lay awake in terror
Of the man who haunts my dreams.

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