How do you Judge.

August 16, 2010
Judging is a thing we like to do,
In our society of rage.
We judge by skin,
beauty, and even wealth.
It’s time to STOP and look deep inside
of our selves and others,
And think what a beautiful world
With beautiful people.

When we look at someone and see their difference,
We tend to think their worthless.
They’re not as important as you are.

The wealthy judge the poor and think the poor are worthless dirt.
They end up hurting more than a few souls and shattering more than a couple dreams.

The beautiful judge the not so beautiful and think they deserve to live in a cage to sit and get laughed at,
And don’t see those people are more beautiful than they ever will be because they have a heart of gold,
And end up a loss of a good friend.

The white judge the African Americans and think they’re different, they think ‘I hate them’.
They don’t see those differences makes the African Americans unique, not outcasts,
they end up towering above and making others feel small.

This should never happen,
for poor judging has consequences for the people being judged and those who judge.

Differences make a person who they are,
And if people can’t accept that, well then who are they to judge.

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