I love you

August 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Love isn't something that hurts you but the people that make you think they love you do.
Surronded by fake people I let myself feel invisible.
They just walk past not realizing that today could be my last.
I turn to walk the other way but someone grabs me and pulls me back.
The scars across my arms she fels because my jacket slipped.
The tears form in her eyes as she counts them all.
The truth I have hidden so very well slipped out into the open for her to know it all,
I try to get away, But then like everyone else she lies to me and says it will be okay.
My eyes began to shut away the fear, the regret, the hate, the pain.
Mayube it could have been different if I wouldn't have changed.
But then again who can stop the way your life goes.
So as I say my last goodbye I put the gunt o my chest.
The trigger ready to be pulled.
Then i hear you say.
Don't I love you.
And i turn to see her.

The author's comments:
My friend has tryed to commit suiside and i was the one to talk her out of it.
I am not going to give her name but I didn't realize what she was going through until it was almost too late.
Sometimes it takes just one person to listen, to love them. Just one person to save someones life.. Because if they don't know they matter then they think their life is pointless. And no ones life is pointless.
Be the next person to save someones life and let them know you care about them.

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