My First Kiss

August 16, 2010
I see your face, my cheeks flush
I feel all warm inside, fuzzy almost
I see your face, I can’t breathe
My thoughts, they vanish, my brain leaves
I can’t think straight, my minds a mess
All because, I’ve seen the Angel of death
He didn’t kill me, or take away my soul
No, not ever, for my heart is what he stole
He hugged me tight, he kissed my cheek
His beautiful eyes, they make me weak
On my cheek, I still feel his soft, warm kiss
I’ve never felt like this before, never felt like this
So the Angel of death, turned into the Angel of life
For I chase after him, my world now in strife
But forever and ever, his love I shall miss
For on my cheek lies my first kiss…

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