I'm Sorry

August 16, 2010
I’m sorry for all the things I’ve done
Sorry for worrying you
Sorry for putting myself first
Being conceited, self-centered, and rude!

I’m sorry for the scars on my arms
For scaring you to death
I’m sorry deep inside my heart
With every single breath!

I’m sorry that I am this way
Sorry for not being the real me
I’m upset, and so resentful
My loved ones, can’t you see?

I hope that you’ll forgive me
Cause now I’ve ruined my life
I think about it everyday
Forever in great strife!

Yes I hope that you’ll forgive me
Please, I need you to see
That I never thought I’d hurt you
I only thought of hurting me!

And now I see that I was wrong
And I’m ready to start over
Singing a new song
That lasts for eternity
Forever, with Jesus in me!

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