Mister No Name .

August 16, 2010
He Came In & Stole Your Heart Like A Robber In the Middle Of the Night,
Snuck Up on You at Your Weakest Hour,
Whispered Sweet Things To your Ear like if everything was A Secret,
You Absorbed Every Word That Came From his Lips.
Studied Every Action & Movement He Made ,
But You Didn’t Understand Any Of It.
You Questioned All of It,
Behind Everything, You had Some Sort Of Doubt in Your Mind.
You Didn’t Know If It Was True, Or Just Bulls***.
Some Act He Put On To just to get Inside You;
Mentally, Physically, Emotionally.
Although Behind That Doubt, You Let It ALL happen
Once It Was Done,
You Were Left With Lies & Deception & A Broken Heart.
Everything You Knew about Him Was A Lie.
Everything He told You Was a Lie.
You Don’t Believe Anything Anymore.
You don’t even Believe His Name.
Was that a Lie Too?
Now You’re Stuck Pondering on Everything.
All You know Him As Is
Mister No Name .
The Guy That Ate Your Heart Out .

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