the battle of the wind

August 16, 2010
The wind calls softly to me,
Right through the open door,
But then something happens,
Too shake me to my very core
My mother calls to me,
Saying don’t walk out the door.
“It lies” she calls to me
“The only thing through that door,
Is deceit, pain, and death.”
I take another step,
Then start to back away,
The wind reaches out as I
Try to slap its hands away.
I’m but a few feet from the door
Then I look beyond,
And see only clouds below.
I fight harder
Air coming in ragged breath.
Finally I break free,
And run right to mommy.
We hug and hug and hug some more as
The wind storms angrily out the door.
It flies and flies away,
Still in a very great rage.
Later we hear it
Destroyed a town
And that caused us great pain.

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