My Darkest Secret

August 15, 2010
By ThatShyGirlintheCorner GOLD, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
ThatShyGirlintheCorner GOLD, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
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I have a secret
I’ve never told anyone about.
Though I’ve came close,
It almost got out.
So I kept it locked deep inside.
It tries to creep out.
But I push it back in.

I wish I could tell you.
‘Don’t you trust me?’ you’d ask.
I do trust you.
But I can’t seem to let it out.
My darkest secret,
It would change my life if anybody knew.

‘I won’t tell, I promise.’ you’d say.
Yeah, ok, like I believe that,
I told you one of my best kept secrets,
Now everyone knows.

I can keep secrets.
Everyone’s but mine.
I’ve kept it for two years.
But I had to tell now everybody knows.
They won’t find out this secret though.

I have a secret.
I’ve kept it tucked inside for so long.
So long I can’t remember.
But I do remember my secret.
It creeps into my thoughts so often.
It went away for a while,
But now it’s back.
I need it to go away.
But I need help to get it out of my mind.
There’s only one way that’ll happen:
I’d have to tell.
But I can’t.
I’m afraid.
So I can’t.
I won’t.

My secret is hidden in a box by my heart,
And that’s where it’ll stay.
I have a secret…

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