3 Confessions

August 15, 2010
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I know that I messed it up.
This I confess and accept.
I know the reason that we ended
wasn’t you but me.
I know that even after feeling high
on the drug called love,
I’m the one who stopped taking it.
I know that it was all my fault and I accept it.

But I also confess to you
three things:
One, my body is still asking for your kisses.
When I’m in bed alone,
I feel every cell in my body asking for you.
Two, your voice is and forever will be
my favorite song.
Your voice was my melody
and I love you was my favorite song.
And three, even though I’m the one
that made it fall apart,
I don’t know how to forget you,
I don’t wanna let you go.
And no matter what,
in a corner of my heart
will always be my love for you.

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