What the Adults Don't Know

August 15, 2010
By Anonymous

I get teased because
of my humming low
my singing high.
And it's always
"Do you ever shut up?" or
"Stop, it's annoying!"
When i'm just trying to be me, because
That's what the adults said to do.

The boys in my class swear
Way more than the adults think.
And I was called a b**** yesterday
when i elbowed him in the face
completely by accident.
I didn't reply,
because that's what the adults said to do.
Even though I wanted to scream.
And punch and kick and scratch and hurt him.

She was made fun of yesterday,
for being dark.
And she cried in the bathroom
all recess.
And I wanted to say something to her,
to make it better,
because that's what the adults said to do.
But there are things that can't be kissed away like when she was four.
And there are things about my life that the adults wouldn't understand.
Things that they don't know.

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