I Remember

August 15, 2010
By Anonymous

playing as a child,
as my sister did her work.
in the park that day on
a summer afternoon.
i recall the sun shining
through the roof of that tall
play set. the red reflection
of the day and the smell of
the trees.
i remember climbing and the
feel of the hot metal bars.
and the feeling of falling
down that ten foot drop.
they say how lucky were you
not even a scratch.
i say luck runs out one day,
and one day mine will end.
this one simple fall has
nothing in comparison to the
things to come.
i remember laying on that
hard dirt ground. the screams
of my mother as i took it in.
the shock of hitting the ground
has only but faded as another
day went on.

a year passed by and all was
well, i recall my mother
taking in a family member.
she was almost 18, and lost
her way in life. i remember
her being high, sliding a
needle into her arm. i remember
the day we took her to get
her things.
a dark night full of stars
maybe i should have been to
young to remember but this
I'll never forget.
the sounds of gunshots and
the flames that shot up.
the kid who almost died that
night because of some drunk
guy. the flaming bullets flying
in all directions some passed
our car. as my mother shouted
dunk. i hid behind the drivers
seat not sure what to do.
just another tragedy ill seem
to just forget.

a little while later and iv
never cared before.
it keeps me from doing something
others say is fun.
the time i almost drown, the
time i guess is fine.
my sister still to this day
no matter how much i hate her.
my hero. she saved both my
fathers life and mine that day.
i think if she were gone. that
we would of died that day.
i remember being pulled down
under, as my father struggled
to swim up. i remember breathing
in and choking on the
chlorine filled water,
as the life guard sat and watched
us struggle in his view.
he didn't move a muscle from
his high set chair.
i remember being pulled to
the side of the pool and i
remember the look on my
sisters face as i closed my

to this day i look in the
mirror and move my hair from
the left side of my face.
i stare at the bruise that
will never fade. and i stare
at the scares that bring back
i remember playing with my aunt
when i was only four. i remember
hearing my name being called
as i turned around. the pain
that struck me in the head
as i fell to the ground.
the blood that ran from my
newly fresh wound.
the rush to the emergency room
as my mother held me in
her arms.
these days haunt my dreams like
the burning flames of a night
when fire caught my legs the
third degree burns. and the
fright of it all.
the memories of childhood.
not only good, but bad.
oh how I'll miss those days,
when i will soon forget.
when all the things i know,
will fade away some day.
when my memory will fade,
for there's nothing iv

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