My Biggest Fear

August 15, 2010
My biggest fear is not yours
Something I face everyday
No one would expect
The price they actually pay

You ask for my fear everyday
Look for it every second
You realize what you look for
Is what you already know yet still beckon

We live within my fear
Fear is the kingdom
Where we have made a heaven of a heck
The minutes is our sum

My fear doesn’t truly exist
But is vast
Something so intimidating
I clutch to the mast

Time is my biggest fear
Oh, how it taunts me
It ticks away, gone forever
Can do anything but be seen

An invisible fear, you say
Then you must be fearless
Or your life’s in ruins
And your life’s a mess

But time does its job
It keeps away from imagination
Keeps our routine
Holds in delicate hands the fascination

When life seems okay because of time
When life seems very tame
The same fear appears
And Time is its name

Time keeps us out
Time keeps us in
Time scares us all
Time is a sin

Time controls us all
Time is the devil and god
Time is the size of the universe
And yet can fit in a pod

Save me from Time
Bring me an eternity
Where Time is a stray
And can be seen

Time one day will be found
Was lost but sought
Now forever relives us of time
We’ve won more now than what we’ve fought

Time and I
Walk as equals again
Just as the beginning
Now in the end

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