A Vengeful Man, Lovely Love

August 15, 2010
By tdubin123 PLATINUM, Nyc, New York
tdubin123 PLATINUM, Nyc, New York
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The solitary grape vine which is seated within the wooden jungle of tragedy
Holds careless grapes which have succeeded in reminding me of how pathetically lonely I prove to be
For the metaphor of my heart can only indulge in so many disastrous affairs
Until my heart is erased off of the drawing that is my life
Now what remains is pink shavings of a heavy love
An adoration so extreme it surpasses his beautiful pride
Greater than the enormity of his metal mouth
It even chose to ignore his cruel, bitter humor

He once took the form of an oversized, delicious looking purple grape
My reflection could be observed because he was a glass god, a mirrored miracle
When he was a grape he sat alongside me, attached to the vine of love's expectations
The unnatural vine held us together for we didn't have the strength to hold on for ourselves

At times I desire to be as merciless as him
For I would place my life
On a bet that he would have never stayed with me if i did a quarter of the monstrosities he committed
At times i crave his baby face, though then my mind recalls me being ignored when I failed to be in optimal condition

He eventually climbed on a leaf which was barely connected to the vine
On it he went, and it led him far, far away

My last wish, final prayer
Is that you return to me my heart
Re-draw the crooked lines of purpose and happiness
And kiss me one last time

The author's comments:
This is about my first love who i never quite got over. I still love him and he continues hating and harassing me.

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