is this real ?

August 15, 2010
By justflyaway3707 SILVER, Monticello, Georgia
justflyaway3707 SILVER, Monticello, Georgia
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hello world.
i'm mary .
just thought it would be a good start,
my pretend new beginning.
but it's only my imagination.
man, it's getting the best of me lately .
i'm afraid half of my life has been lived in my imagination
because this feels un real to me .
i pinch my arm to make sure that i'm not lost in a day dream again .
so i'm not .
so this is real
wow these feelings i really do feel .
it can't be real .
this never is suppose to happen to me.
i thought that i was the girl that good things aren't suppose to happen to .
clearly this is a mistake,
i pinch myself again,
i'm still here,
why can't i wake up?
maybe this really is real
these feeling i really DO feel.

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