Leader and Follower

August 15, 2010
By , Watertown, NY
I deliver the final blow to your bedroom door
Just three words, enough to kill a whole army
Just one piece of paper with writing, a deadly weapon

Retreating to my room, I think back on earlier years
When I was young and you weren’t my mom
As a small child, I shared everything with you; my best friend
But now I am a young adult, I have reached the point of no return
You can never be my best friend again
You are now my mother
My enemy

You never let me have a boyfriend
You never let me be alone
You never let me act like my friends
You never let me do what I want

You are the woman
Who is setting me up to be a failure in love
You make me afraid to give you my opinion
Afraid of your harsh criticism
You are the woman who was born to lead me
Your unfortunate daughter

But I wonder
How much longer must I follow
Why must I follow
How long
Then I realize
As you hug me, you kiss me
Tell me everything will be okay
Let me know I’m beautiful

Only then do I realize that I don’t care
It can go on and on forever
I’ll be a follower until you make me a leader

You are the woman
Who hid me from young love
Hurt and deceit
Who is molding me into a
Strong independent woman
Fearless of harsh words, able to stand
You are the woman who was born
To help me strongly deny my role as a follower
And claim my rightful place as a leader

Years from now, I’ll raise my children
As you raised me
Only they’ll do the things I could not
Just to show you I’m the boss now

But maybe as time passes and I grow older
I’ll see things your way
I’ll say you were always right
And I’ll replace my wicked and selfish thoughts
I’ll take back my letters
I’ll finally say

But not right now
Because I’m still a 15 year old girl
And you are still my mother

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WriterFreak854 said...
Sept. 13, 2010 at 6:30 pm
OH MY GOD!!!!!! i love this Air! this is so good better then anything i wrote!
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