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The Lightning Man

By , Minneapolis, MN
Watch out for him…The Lightning Man.
Watch his movements…watch his hands.
Learn him so well, so that you’ll understand.
Become a fulminologist.

No one can really see it, or truly comprehend,
What made such an ordinary boy, turn into a Lightning Man.?
Maybe it was his absent father that made him turn so irate.
Or his mother, who struggled to make ends meet, contributed to his hate.
He doesn’t talk about most of his past, but all I really know,
Is that the hatred that he has in his fist, on my body, it begins to show.

It’s crazy, because all day long, he crowds my eyes,
With a bright, sunny day and blue, freeing skies.
But that’s just a mask for The Lightning Man,
Because I’ll think it’s all good, until he strikes again.
He’ll throw a rainbow in my face, a promise that’s not his to keep,
Telling me he’ll never flood me, even though, he claims his love is simply…deep.
But I say, it’s too damn bad that I already drown in my sweat, blood and tears,
Every single time, the lightning man’s anger appears.

The beat of love in my heart, counteracts the sting of fury his hand,
Which causes me to sit and soak inside this circumstance.

He’s shocking, because he looks so doggone pretty from the outside,
But get a peek inside, and you’ll see what he has to hide.
He hits so hard, I swear, I could feel it in my soul,
I know I should leave, but my love for him won’t let me go.
I start thinking that it’s because of me, that he has anger in his fist,
Therefore, I try to convince myself, that I probably deserved it.
Too ashamed of the situation, to go and get some help,
Thinking, I got myself in it, I can help myself out,
But the longer I stay, the more the emotions run strong,
I’m only committing suicide if I stay in his arms.
I got my stuff packed; and I’m so ready to go,
Then I think of the past, and get emotional.
Who else was there for me, when I needed the most?
And I stay with him, because my feet won’t move...

I know that inside, he’s really a coward,
Because he has no source of outward power,
Except for the force the he holds in his hands,
He’s just an angry boy, not real man.
Leaving him’ll turn me into an astraphobic,
So scared of ever coming in contact with it,
But I’m telling you; no. there’s no need to be scared.
Just be on your guard, and always prepared.
If he hits you once, he’s bound to strike you again.
So watch out, for The Lightning Man.

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