August 20, 2010
By Anonymous

Things will never get better. No, they'll never be the same.
Day after day, she'll never shake the shame.

Seemingly perfect girl, living in what seems to be a perfect world.
You never even had a clue at what that little beauty was about to do.

She took her life, her smiles her tears.
She took her laughter, her thoughts, her fears.

Under there beneath the oak, lies the last note that she wrote.
"You left me here to live alone. You left my heart as cold as stone.
You never came back, to see what you'd find. A lonely little sister who'd been left behind.
You took your life, your smiles, your tears.
You took your laughter, your thoughts, your fears.
You left them here for me to hold, memories that were never told.
Our bright blue eyes are one in the same, when you need me just call my name."

They found her breathless atop the lake, as sadness rippled in with the wake.
Who would have guessed she'd go back to him this way.
A big brother left with nothing to say.

The author's comments:
My big brother took his life when I was just a child and I often find myself left trying to pick up the pieces of the life he left behind. At times it seems hopeless, knowing he'll forever be gone.

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