Dear God,

August 19, 2010
By Anonymous

dear god,
i nevr though id be
alone like this
nevr pictured myself
to be broken down
hurt and alone

by a boy
who loved me
but he obviously didnt
atleast not enough to stay

he knew me better then anyone
he knew he was all i had
i was all he had
so why did he leave me
alone like this

why couldnt he just wait
for me
for us

please answer me!
why do you never answer
any one of my damn

no response?

every night i sit here
out this window
hoping maybe
just maybe
ill find some sortof of answer
some sort of sign
maybe he out there waiting
for me
while im waiting here for an
from either one of you

the heavens
the stars old him
they hold him everynight
from this day foward

but im tired of the diamond
constantly rolling
my heart constantly

please lord
let me go
let me smile
let me die

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