I Promise You This

August 7, 2010
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What kept her calm,no one knew,
How she did it, was a mystery too,

They never expected it,Not her
But when they saw it happen, they forget who they were,

Why did they do that, to someone who never deserved it,
The pain ignorance and words, she deserved to fit,

Fit into a world like this, so cruel and rude,
She changed it all, becaue her bad mood,

Yes they created it, angry and sad,
Little did they know, what power she had,

She could change the world, ya know,
Using only words, these words made them feel low,

"Suck it up", she said,
"If you don't in this world, you'll come up dead",

They all silenced around her, sounds were gone,
All that was left, was a speech that wasn't long,

"Shame on people like, holding yourself up high",
"Your emotions come first, God knows why.",

"So don't flatter yourself honey, It's not always about you",
"Shut your lips, with glamour comes few",

"Few people who likes you for who you are",
"I know I don't, go away, Far",

"I'll never be one of you, I'll promise you that",
"You'll never gain in life, excpet maybe fat",

"I leave with this one word that means a lot",
"Lonelyness, you better get used to it."

And then she walked away, It was over,
She never felt so great, she hoped they felt lower.

The end is quite simple, you see,
In the end that girl, was me.

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