the bridge

August 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Your gentle lips brush mine like the first hint of the sun before it touches the horizon
I’m lost, unsure of myself but you guide me with a gentle touch
Showing me what to do, and correcting it with love when I am wrong
I’m guided like a child over a bridge taking me to places I’m too young to go
But I want to follow you
And when the sun peaks over and the rays hit my face, I begin to tremble
I’m scared and frightened of where to turn and what to do
You stroke me with love and whisper trust into me but you make me cross the bridge anyways
And I want to cross with you
So I let you take me
Flower petal kisses open my eyes to a new world and the blindfold is lifted
I’m someone new, whoever you choose for me to be
I see the world for what it is now
And I cry
You run to stop the rivers stained black from make up
And I wish that I could let you
But this new person you’ve created me to be does not trust you
Ice runs through me and I want to hide and run away from this place and
You try
But no one can stop the rainstorm running across my face now
Clouds and thunder erupt in me only making the rain pour harder
It hurt and your touch makes me sick
I wish away that maybe I would remember this as something more
That these tears were because of my own life eclipsed by your beauty
Or the gentle breath of love that came over me
Or that I wouldn’t have the words to describe what you mean to me
That it was the sun and the rain combined shooting me to the stars
Something other than the shame that has made me become bitter
I’m a stranger to myself now and I don’t recognize my face when I look in the mirror
I feel foreign in my body like an intruder
I feel like a fake at church
And I wonder if anyone can see
The summer has gone away and what is left is hard and cold
And it’s hard to believe that the warmth will ever return and that this ice in my heart will ever thaw
I gave away something I can never take back
And all I can do is see the face of the man I don’t know, and hope he will accept me as I am when it really counts one day
But in this moment all I can do is cry and build myself back up before I crumble again
Because I really don’t know if I’m ok
And I’m scared

The author's comments:
if ur wondering...yes this is know. lol

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