Fighting the Mountain

August 4, 2010
By Lucy(: GOLD, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Lucy(: GOLD, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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We are all in a world of obstacles
Knocking us down
As we try to reach the top
Of the gaping mountain

The rich
Luxuriously cruise straight along to the top
In the snap of a finger
Exert in the hot sun and freeze in the snowy winters
Coping with the blisters and pain

Arrogant will shove others to the ground
Boasting as they cheat their way to the top
While sympathetic will haul the weak on it’s back

Negative will pout, grunt, and moan
Blaming others for their mistakes
Optimism is filled with hope and dreams
Her head held high as she soars through the challenges

It’s our job to decide how to overcome the obstacles
That life throws at us
Equality is a word that everyone wants to believe
But how can a poor man be equal to the rich?
We must rise above racism, stereotypes, and “class”
And reach forward
To make it to the top of the mountain

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