That Dream

August 3, 2010
By Anonymous

I had that dream again
The one where I run away
From the people who carry big white books
And proudly display their gold chains

I ran away from my family,
Whose undercover sneers
Hidden by fake plastered smiles
Haunt me

Love thy Neighbor
Their book declares
But I guess
I just don't live in their neighborhood

I need to be saved
They warn me
They do not accept my 'satanic' ways

I do not understand
I'm not satanic at all
I just happen to think
A little differently

I do not speak poorly
Of this God above
I just prefer science,
Too dissimilar I suppose

I am the outcast
They most honestly show
My confused tears
Fog my vision

I try so hard to make them happy
But there's one thing I
can't won't shouldn't
Change about myself

Can't we agree to disagree
Or is that too easy
It's someone's fault
They tell me

Shouldn't they be happy
I'm succeeding
I'm intelligent
But I'm different

I had that dream
where I'm just running

I still haven't woken up from that dream

The author's comments:
My family is very religious, and I am shunned because I think differently. This is my side of the story.

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