August 2, 2010
By Anonymous

I am alone,
Without you.
My heart is scarred and broken,
No longer whole now that you have left,
Faded out of my life.
I feel lost without you,
With no will to live.
When I see you,
I want to cry.
The very thought of you,
Embraced in another mans arms,
Fills my veins with poison.
I am overcome with unbearable pain
Every time I am reminded of you,
I want to die.

As every agonizing day passes,
Each step I take hurts,
The next more painful than the last.

Everyday that I awake,
I wish I had not.
Every breath I take,
I wish to be my last.
I wish that my time on this cursed world would end,
So I may finally be left alone,
No longer tortured by your name.

So I take it upon myself,
For time is to slow and cruel,
To end my suffering,
Relieve myself of the grief,
That you so generously presented to me.

And now,
As I take my last breath,
I say to you
“May my death be a reminder to you,
That you caused me so much pain,
And that my only relief,
The only remedy that welcomed me so,
Was death…”

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