First Foot into the Pool

August 23, 2010
By AfterLife SILVER, Amityville, New York
AfterLife SILVER, Amityville, New York
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\" Icing Over A Secret Pain \" Third Eye Blind Song \"Jumper\"

Out the back seat of the car.
Your Happy, Sad, Nervouis.
You feel like you sick.
HIGH SCHOOL! You haven't seen any friends cause you don't have any.
Forgot you did.
Look down at you new shoes that you just love.That's why their a little dirty. Nice Outfit you hope it is. You start walking. As you walk each step makes you want to blow.
Like your about to step on Land Mines.
in your haed you repeat " Just Keep stay quiet or there will be troblem for you ... Or for me? "
Well this is the start wait till they get a load of me.
Or Maybe I should of Jumped out of the Car?

Secrect Letters of a
Suicidal Wannbe
Janie Stone

The author's comments:
I'm a fresh mint. this is how i feel about it. I'm scaried of going. And I have a bit of temper when i'm nervous. But even with all this i'm gong to make a name for myself. And High School is goign to star it. And H.S. does make me want to jump out of a car or something.

P.S. give me a breck i'm new at this.

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