August 23, 2010
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striding on those steep steps of doom
the dimensions do not give me any memory
for the places have shape shifted
making me feel that my mind has gone blank like
any canvas that’s set up before my severed phalanges
just as a time travel back before Adam’s footsteps
into realms of infinite darkness
carrying the world in my hands
reaching for the words that had given me
glory and something to do
language that came from His mouth
sounded like “Go! Move! I send you!”
my mind has gone blank but
new hues enter it to confuse and distort
specters of my terrible imagination enter my legs
sending me on my own degree of madness
deciding whether or not
to fall down the abyss that always stares
into the minds of humans
beckoning and questioning
“What are you? Who are you
to deserve to live in this world? Fall back into your shadow!”
I hold on too dearly with blindness
only meandering in darkness
going home in a traipse with my mind
keeping the words “Go! Move! I send you!”

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