Sister, Mother, Wife

August 23, 2010
Me, evermoving
Fickle, like fate
I am a proponant
I change with the age

I love this country
But it's freedoms arn't true
I've loved and I've lost
I am not understood

The hospitals say
I must pay for my life
Conservative values,
They leave me with strife

She was not poor
Yet not very rich
Still she couldn't pay
When she got very sick

They tried to save her,
They really did
But she couldn't stop dying
When her body was rid

Now she is dead
Her family full of woe
Still they must pay
For the sickness was sowed

The bills piled up
The money drained away
But what they wished most
Is that she could have stayed

Now her husband's alone
He may lose the house
He can't feed his children
As the debt pushes them out

One day they may be homeless
That day that they fear
To live in the streets
With all they hold dear

They lost more than a mother,
A sister, a wife
They lost all hope and comfort;
They may lose their lives

Even if healthcare
Could not save her life
They'd think not about money
But a sister, a mother, a wife

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