what is love?

August 23, 2010
By BohemianBabe BRONZE, Whitby, Other
BohemianBabe BRONZE, Whitby, Other
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someone asked me
whats the point of love
what is love...
the best replay i could think of,
it came from my heart
so i said....

the point of love is life,
its too have one person that is especially important to you,
and you are the most important to them.
the point to love,
is to give your heart out to just

one important person

someone you wish to be with forever,
you want to open your eyes and see
the point of love is to show some people that you cant live without them.

know what is love?
that's harder to describe.
it can be different for everyone.
some would say were to young to understand,
an emotion so strong and powerful,
but maybe were just mature-
so lets see if i can describe what it means-
to me ...

i believe true love is when,
you cant go a waking moment,
minute nor second without that one person coming to mind,
when you open your ees to see the bright light,
seeping throw your window,
you think of them
its giving up,
your heart to one person that you believe will not hurt you,
because you can trust them,
and you trust they will not hurt you,
on purpose.
its missing someone-even tho
they're right beside you
its getting shivers
every time you touch.
being nervous to talk,
and having troubles searching for words to say.
love is cherishing every moment you and that person have together...
even if its only 5 minutes
when you two are together you are stumbling over your own feet.
your own words,
your head spins,
and you get that feeling down in the pit of your stomach,
it seems as if you cant stop smiling
or starring
you think they are beautiful,
and you don't care what your "friends" say,
if they say you can do better,
& you automatically say
i don't want better
that's love.
love is also~
when you see them-
they seem to have this special glow to them,there smile and their eyes,
and only you can see it,
you can be with a huge group of friends,yet
all you do is stare at each other-
its as if your,
alone no ones there,
just you & them-he one you

The author's comments:
this was actually written in march, and was inspired by feelings.

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