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August 22, 2010
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What do I think of love, you ask?
I think that love is friendship
Just a little stronger.
What do I think of God, you ask?
I think that God isn’t real
As a person, or an entity, but real in our hearts
I think that God is human will to do the right thing, the good thing.
Do I believe in love, you ask?
Why, yes, I do. I
See it everywhere. I
Know love lives by the look in my family’s eyes.
Do I believe in God, you ask?
I believe in goodness, and if
You call goodness by the name of God,
Then yes, I do believe in God.
Do I believe that God loves me, you ask?
If God is good fortune and happiness,
And I am prosperous,
Then happiness loves me, so God does too.
If God is love, then I love God, and
God, love, and I
Are all happy.
And that’s all that really matters to me.

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