August 22, 2010
I see you in my nightmares, as some would call them.
I see you on a dark, long dirt road.
Just standing there, all alone.
I watch you from a distance, safe on the other side.
You look so lost, so helpless, and so weak.
If the wind blew a little harder, you'd fall to the ground.
But you just stand in that one spot, glarring into my eyes.
I can hear them cry and plead for me to help you.
But I do not move, no, not an inch.
"You go what you deserved." I yell at you from where I stood.
But you didn't reply, you know what you did.
Never returning my phone calls, keeping me up all, not knowing where you were.
You put me through Hell!
Now you look miserable as, I laugh at your pain, stupidity, and tears.
"Foolish little boy, I always get my way. You broke my heart and now you shall pay!"
That hit you hard.
You fell on your knees in your pool of tears and sweat, and begged for me to take you back.
I walk over to your body, killing you with every step I took.
I take your hand in mine, and stroke it softly.
I lifted your head, and kissed your quivering lips.
I retreat the kiss, and look into your beautiful blue eyes.
You are handsom, and you don't deserve this.
I almost feel bad, and sorry what I said.
"I loved you, more than you ever loved me," I whispered in your ear.
You screamed, and more tears ran down your soaken face.
That is when I wake up, and grin.
I see you in my nightmares.

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