A Letter From Your Future Child

August 22, 2010
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I am alive
I may not walk and talk
I may not be able to dance or sing
But perhaps
Just perhaps, I could be
The next Elvis Presley
Or Julie Andrews

I am alive
I may not look like much
Just a blob of protoplasm
Hidden in your womb
But I am a person

I have dreams
Dreams of creating a flying car
Dreams of saving a life
Dreams of making a difference in someone's life

Who are you to tell me
Whether I should have the chance to live
Or die?

I am a person
Not a dog
In fact a dog, an animal, is given more rights than me
Your very own child
How could you be so selfish as to deny me life?

I am alive
I am a person
I have dreams

I am the one who will cure breast cancer
I will end segregation
The segregation still alive in our country
I am the next Abraham Lincoln
Would you really wish the next American great
To never be born?

Think about me
I am not your body
I am my own body
I am a person separate from you
I am not the same as a pimple
Or a wart

I have a beating heart
I have a mind
I understand what you are thinking
More than you know

I may be a fetus
But I am also a human
And I wish to live
Grant me my wish.

Sincerely yours,

A child that may never be

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