A Day At The Fair

August 22, 2010
By Lizzytizzy PLATINUM, Round Lake Beach, Illinois
Lizzytizzy PLATINUM, Round Lake Beach, Illinois
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Yes, I see you standing there.
laughing and smiling, without a care,
You think it's just another day at the fair.
you walk past my booth, again and again, never seeming to see
how jealous I am of the one who's with you, I'll never be she.

The day goes by, you're still standing there,
it's still another day at the fair
but somehow I see she is gone.
I sit back and I think, could it possibly be,
you're moving on, it's no longer she?

Then Lo and behold, you come up to the booth, with two tickets left in your hand.
You smile and wave, hold up the tickets, and say, "how do you like Ferris Wheels?"
I smile back, say, "I like 'em just fine!" though my legs are so weak I can hardly stand.
Right now my hopes are so high, I'm just short of clicking my heels.

The day's at an end,
now we're standing there
laughing and talking without a care.
it's been a marvolous day at the fair!

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