I Am My Only Secret

August 23, 2010
By Jasmine Kay BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Jasmine Kay BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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I am my only secret
The way I run and hide
But I like it
Knowing I am the only one to see how I've cried

Keeping everything to myself
Is that so wrong
To have nobody know me
But if it's so wrong then why does it make me feel so strong

It's easier this way
To not let anyone in
Since no one goes out
There's no one to convince to stay

There's one thing about me I know for sure
I am a lie

So please, don't say you know me and know what I feel
It's not even possible for you to understand
How i feel so unreal

But please don't let me be
Don't give up
I need someone to save me

If I looked into a mirror
I would see broken pieces of unfamiliar faces
With a never ending emptiness of sadness to fill in the spaces

No I'm not lost
Because i was never found
My world had already fallen apart
Without an alerting sound

But step around the broken pieces and try to make do
Try to understand me without a single word so finally I can be true

Just look into my eyes
And perhaps you will see
All that has happened that has made me me

Look down deep where I am afraid to go past
See what I can't outrun no matter how fast
And gently climb my so carefully built wall
And maybe, just maybe, you'll see who I am after all

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