Mythological Emotion.

August 23, 2010
In my opinion love is a abstract painting of all
the myths in the world
That no one is able to make sense of nor find the point of having
Love is like Bigfoot
It was walks tall and mighty and everyone has their know opinion on what it is but no one really knows
Love is like the Lochness Monster
Its deep inside of us but it rarely comes out enough for us too see clearly
Love is like the Chupacabra
It will drain you of everything in ur body
Love is like Medusa
Itll leave you frozen in your tracks if you fall in it
Love is like the Boogie Man
Itll have you scared at night that itll take you and hurt you
Love is like the llorona
Itll have you sobbing while you wonder hopelessly
Love is like a Werewolf
Itll change you at a moments notice
Love is like Samson
Itll have you thinking you're invincible but then expose you for your flaw
But then again
Myths are meant to keep you wondering or even teach you a lesson
Plus its up to everyone if they believe in these myths and are entitled to their on opinions on them
So maybe
Its the same with love

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