What Is God?

August 24, 2010
By Anonymous

God is neither a person, nor a spirit.
God did not create the universe.
God did not create man.
God cannot tell us when we are wrong, or right.
God does not have the ability to listen.
God does not have senses.
God cannot see, or hear.
God cannot smell, or taste.
God cannot touch, or feel.
God does not have emotion.
God cannot run, or walk, or play.
God cannot smile, or frown.
God cannot laugh, or cry.
God cannot speak.
God does not believe.

God is an idea.
God is an idea of a higher power.
God is an idea of creation

God did not create beliefs,
Beliefs created God.

The author's comments:
I have been struggling with my religion for ages. Yes, I am atheist, but I respect all religions. I grew up Catholic, but during the confirmation process, I realized that I was living a lie.

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