August 20, 2010
By stubborn411 GOLD, Jamiaca, New York
stubborn411 GOLD, Jamiaca, New York
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Nothing is impossible, just highly improbable

"Take care of the house"
"Do their hair"
As long as its done
they don't care

I would be tired all day
and restless all night
but I did what I needed
with no fuss or fight

So I tried to care,
love, and clean
while I felt
stressed and mean

I tried by best
and thought ahead
I tried to hold my own
no matter what was said

I was a good student
never did I fail
I was "..a pleasure in class"
and had no suspensions in the mail

But you would rarely see
the honors bestowed on me

It didn't matter if I worked hard
If i took time to do my hair
You wouldn't see me
so I didn't care

Why didn't you show up
only if you knew
all of the memories
I wanted to share with you

All the student of the months
all the debates
all the silly honors
all my selfish dates

I wanted you to be there
but you were nowhere to be found
So I'll try harder until you attend
hoping you will come around

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