Goodbye My Love

August 23, 2010
By Anonymous

i can't bear to hurt you
any more than i already have
i know i'll only let you down
as i have everyone in my life
so i must let go of you
of the person that taught me
about the stuff love is made of
the moments i spent with you
i'll never forget
i don't want to give you hope
for a future that doesn't exist
i can't lie,
because i know you deserve better
you deserve someone worthy of the love
you shower on me
and i know that all of my love
will amount to nothing
because in the end, i'll fail you anyways
i know the love i feel for you
is what keeps me alive today
but the cost for it is your heart
and i just can't keep hurting you
because i know you don't belong with me
and i don't want to keep you
from the person you could belong with
and so darling, i must say goodbye
forgive me, for hurting you
forgive me for loving you
for i do love you and that's why
i must say goodbye
but remember this, above all


i never meant to hurt you...

The author's comments:
sometimes you have to let go of what you love the most, because you know that they deserve the chance at the kind of love you're not sure you're worthy of

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