Glass Heart

August 23, 2010
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Misunderstood she was, awed strucken she became.
chance taken she believed, heart brooken she now is...

Alone she would walk, hidding her face.
A glass heart in one hand,a mask in the other.
Misunderstood people saw her, under estimated they thought of her.
A damsel in distress she felt to the world, only this princess didnt have a prince to end her fairytale.
Untill her super hero came, awed strucken she became.
He was everything she had dreamt of.
He took her by wonder,and brought her world to life.
Everyday she loved him more. Every night her glass heart would shine brighter.
She was soaring, spining, swooping down nd up again...
then she was falling... her body was colapsing...
Her soul was fading... her mind was crashing..
The concret feeling was colder then before.. the slow rythmic beat in her chest was off key..
The single tear that rolled down her cheek became two.. three...
her breathing was heavier...
But for what her eyes just couldnt pass, upon she looked on shattered glass..
a million pieces grew to a billion pieces.

Stuck in a world of darkness, She sits cunfussed and scared.
Hurt and undecisive.
All of her trust blown away, feelings twisted and frayed..
But nothing ever made her eyes pass.. for she still stares at the shattered glass..
the remainig glass..
the war between fantasy and reality still lives in her drowning soul.
waiting on a miracle to happen once more...

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