Things got Complicated

August 20, 2010
By ChillieMae GOLD, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
ChillieMae GOLD, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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I've tried so hard

to forget you

to let go of you

to hate you

but still my heart wont let go
of the love you used to show

i just don't understand

how things got so complicated

how you got so complicated
why i had to make things ever so complicated
When we talk i still feel the heat
and the connection everytime we meet
I know you want me
I know what you think
your eyes tell what you think
your beautiful smile says what you think
Can't you see how perfectly we go together
How you could be with me forever
But still life gets complicated
you'll break up with her in time
I'll grow older in time
things will come together in time
My complicated life will become more clear
and you will draw close and hold me dear
Until then
Ill go my way
you will go your way
but soon our paths will sway
nearer and nearer
to where we're supposed to be
You and Me

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