The Man in the Moon

August 20, 2010
By gruber_31 BRONZE, Shiloh, Ohio
gruber_31 BRONZE, Shiloh, Ohio
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You watch the moon
i know you do
and the man in the moon
smiles down at you

And when i look up
all i can see
is the man in the moon
smiling down at me

but if i look too long
someone else takes his place
the man in the moon
is replaced by your face

but when i glance away
its not you thats there
its the man in the moon
and you're back to else where

My only comfort is
that at least i know
we both see the man in the moon
no matter wher we go

so when you look at the sky
please remember this
its you, not the man in the moon
who leans down to give me a kiss

no matter where we go
no matter how far apart
we'll both see the man in the moon
and think of the one who has our heart

The author's comments:
i wrote it about a guy with whom i have a very complicated relationship. when i was on vacay, i was staring at the moon and this just came to me

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