why dont you love me

August 19, 2010
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i can dance like a ballerina
swoop through the sky
burn up the sun
yes i can be every woman
aritha franklin
ill walk on thin air
catch my breath
hack my mind like a computer i am
a dummy who only wants to do what you will only ask
i wish you'd ask
cuase i cant let it out on my own
feelings are a bit more complex
not exactly comprehensible
but i bbeg you to understand
and respond
and respond with love
because thats what we need all along
and yet i feel your avoiding me as i
tell myself to avoid you
but im obsessed
and im thrilled by your response
later on a 100 times later after i decided to cry
i can shame tyra
put hate to rest
but i cant make you love me
and its awful to know what you want but be afraid to let go
and clutch you again even though we've never touched
and im pitiful to be so heavy on something so simple and easy
to see
the truth...
i like loving you better

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