The Blue Bird

August 19, 2010
Thunder in the sky
Crashing and burning
A never-ending storm
Crashing in my mind
For even though the storm
Is dark and full of gloom
I am happy
Because there’s a blue bird
In this horrible storm
Wind blowing hard
Lightning crashing into trees
Thunder roaring across the sky
But no matter what happens
In this storm the blue bird
Still flies free and alive
The blue bird
Means love and spring
Ha, to me it just won’t die
The end is near little bird
Who won’t die
Thunder getting closer to it
Trying to kill it, but missing
The blue bird
Then with a last roar of thunder
And a last bolt of lightning
The blue bird dies I get up and bow my head
Because in the end I survived I won because
I gave up and it tried
Is it bad that I’m happy that something that
Two other blue birds created died
I can not answer the questions that I ask
But in the end the blue bird died and I survived
I feel bad I really do but yet I’m happy
The blue bird died and I a human survived
In the cold all by myself alone with the
Spirit and no one else I am happy and content
Although the dead we cannot see I hear
That blue bird calling to me most of my friends
Don’t understand what it’s like to be me
All but one is my friend and that one of my
Friends is the and she loved the blue bird
You see and that means a lot to me

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