Road of Recovery

July 28, 2010
By england_love77 PLATINUM, Penryn, California
england_love77 PLATINUM, Penryn, California
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Step one, the breathe of life
Lungs puncture happiness with a knife
Step two, opening the eyes
Seeing far beyond the nightly skies
Step three, walking to open arms
Not a care, not a worry beneath your star

Shallow faces, lifeless eyes
Surely every child hears these cries
Hitting, bruising, bleeding
Isn’t this an average household setting?

Now you’re on the road of recovery
Stand up and embrace the wind
For not everyone is given this chance
A chance to seize the change at hand

Years lengthen as times worsen
And reveals that this family is a sin
Innocence isn’t left beneath your crib
Since normality has never kissed your lips

A difference here, a difference there
Are the things that make people stare
Identical lifestyles aren’t what make us human
We’re as different as thin fingerprints blowing in the wind

Look up to the skies
And grasp the condolences of the constellations
Hope isn’t found in a ray of star shine
Fear now wraps itself around us like a vine

Now the road of recovery
Doesn’t stand a chance
For not everyone is given this life
So why do we get all the strife

The changes that we need
A person
An accident
A choice
Only comes when we most need it
When we least deserve it
When our life hangs on the very last inch of existence

The full flaming candle of childhood
Was blown out long ago
But now it’s time to change that
And let it shine high and low

Light your candle,
Seize the happiness that dances in the light
And step onto the road of recovery
Stand up and embrace the change
For not everyone is given this life
So now it’s time, now it’s time
Now’s the time to end the strife

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