Praying For A Peaceful Forever

August 14, 2010
By BrendansLeadingLady GOLD, Killeen, Texas
BrendansLeadingLady GOLD, Killeen, Texas
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Un baiser qui n'est jamais goûté est toujours et à jamais perdu.

The sun is setting over a cornfield on a perfect summer day. Suddenly, a flicker of black flame is seen on the edge of the field. A small girl appears, her bright blue eyes sparkling with pleasure, her cheeks flushed with excitement, her lips curved into a dazzling smile, her black flame hair flying in the breeze. Gracefully, she sleips back into the field. Moments later, a triumphant shout is heard. Giggling, the girl reappears, accompanied by three other girls. It is getting late, and the game is over. Slowly, one by one, the girls depart. But the girl with black flames for hair doesn't. She just cant bring herself to leave. She doesn't want to lose this perfect moment in time. She wants it to stretch into a peaceful forever. So she stands on the edge of the cornfield.

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