August 14, 2010
When the day is nearly done,
and the moon and stars are finally visible,
The worlds only source of light has passed to another side; our sun.
Every change the world makes seems like a symbol.
Its our way of life , the code of honor.
Or is it just a bunch of scientific facts?

Since we were younger, God was the reason.
They told us his way and how he made our world, our beautiful way of life.
How he decided the cycles , and the way everything works.
He made us, he made everything. He designed it in his head and put it in 3D.

Thats one way of looking at it, the way earth and everything else was made.
But theres another way too.
Scientist claim we came from animals, Animals came from fish, Fish came from bacteria.
You see?
Our earth was just a rock then something out of no where happened.
But they have some big explanation for it.
They do for everything, They have an answer for everything our world does.
They believe that science made us, it made who we are today.

I believe that God is still the reason.
He has always been the reason.
All we have done is betrayed him and taken credit for his greatest creation.
He made the world, he made us. He made our way of life.

But... science took all the credit.

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