I Have Given Up On Wishing

August 18, 2010
I have given up on wishing,

Stopped looking at the stars.

No more 11:11,

Fireflies let out of the jar.

Wasted time,

Im done with it,

And all of the letdown.

Why should I feel disappointed?

The sensation of being completely betrayed…

But by what?

A star that didn’t carry out your hearts desire, no matter how many times you looked up at it, closed your eyes and wish for that one thing to come true?

It failed you, and now you’re left hollow and empty, longing for that hope to return.

But it wont.

So ive given up on wishing,

Stopped looking at stars.

And opened my eyes to the real world,

Where dreams cant hurt me anymore, and I let my own hope die.

I don’t need stars to do it for me.

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