What You Do To Me

August 18, 2010
By , Lakeside, OR
Your the one that is doing this to me
Your tormenting my mind
I can't function normally
With or without you
My days are numb
And my nights are hell
I want to get over you
But you won't let me get away
You've got me stumbling around in your mind games
And you don't care when I fall
I need to runaway
I'm caught in this inferno
And the flames are eating me alive
But even if the ashes die down
There's no where for me to turn
Your puppet games have driven everyone away
So now it's just you and me
With the trance you put on me
We stay together in our burnt world
Dancing around in the ashes of my happiness
Why didn't you leave me when you found me?
You knew I was vulnerable
You knew I was easy to manipulate
Couldn't you see that I was crying?
I needed help
And you just destroyed me!
You take the good ones and shatter them
Can't you see what your doing?
What your doing to me?

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