The Empty Seat Next to Me

August 18, 2010
By stuck_in_the_past GOLD, Lakeside, Oregon
stuck_in_the_past GOLD, Lakeside, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead" ~Benjamin Franklin

I miss the times we shared
The laughs we made
The endless comfort I felt
You're gone now, though
I don't even see you anymore
I barely hear about you anymore
It's been two years now
And I still feel like I'm falling!
I'm sick of it!
The memories are fading
But the feelings are still here
I hardly remember you face
But I remember how you kissed me
I'm shocked to know I remember the little things
Like your radiant smile
Your loving hug
Your soft lips
Just thinking about you makes my heart glow
But none of this will bring you back
And nobody else can fill the empty seat that you left
The seat's dark and cold
But I feel like your still here
Somewhere near
Nothing else can replace you
Nothing ever will

The author's comments:
One of my relapse moments of feeling like I needed my boyfriend back. I know so much better now, lolz.

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